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About Us

AJ WOOD PRODUCTS is Owned, Designed and Crafted by Allen Jones.  Here is some info. about him:

How did you get into woodworking? My father was a woodworker in the antique business. When I was young, I would accompany him when he went out on the trails to find antiques to refinish. I worked with him on the finishing and repairs and enjoyed the process. Later in life I worked as a machinist which taught me a great deal about CNC machines. I always missed working with wood so I bought my first CNC router the rest is history. I was hooked on wood working again.

How did you get into woodworking as a business? I have over 30 years of experience in retail, machining and sales. In my free time, I made custom wood sign for many people and businesses in my workshop, just for fun. I soon discovered that there was a market for high quality, custom made, personalized, hand carved signs.

Do you do all your wood signs by hand with chisels? No,  the signs are CNC machined. (computer numerical controlled) machine that I began utilizing in the last five years. This has increased my ability to grow my client base. From time to time I will do touch up carving by hand.

What would you like to accomplish with your business? I strive to help other businesses grow through having better signage which will lead to increased sales. I like to help people promote their businesses and put the best image possible with beautiful, custom wood signs out to the public. I really enjoy creating a unique, personalized item for a wedding, birthday, or special event. I take great joy in crafting gifts that last a lifetime and create long lasting memories.

What do you see for your business in the future? I truly enjoy creating custom works of art from wood. I recently retired from my machining job in a factory and believe I will never fully retire. I expect to be working at this business for a very long time. I look forward to spending more hours in my workshop, providing businesses and individuals beautiful, personalized, custom wood signs and special gifts.

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